Bairro dos Livros | The sound of time
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The sound of time

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photography, poetry
About This Project

Title: The Sound of Time
Text: Vanessa Ribeiro Rodrigues
Text: Ângela Ribeiro Rodrigues and Álvaro Antunes Rodrigues (Foreword)
Photography: Vanessa Ribeiro Rodrigues
Collection: Bairro dos Livros
Edition: 1st, April of 2013
ISBN: 978-989-97809-6-5
DP: 357637/13

Summary: They call her the “story hunter” because she already carries in her bag 5 years of experience as a correspondent in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as a journey of four months through the Amazon, with a pen pointed at the most incredible stories and the most unexpected characters. And more authentic. Author of travel literature blogs but used to crossing frontiers between fictional narratives and journalism, Vanessa Ribeiro Rodrigues makes her debut in poetry by the Bairro dos Livros Collection, with editorial coordination by Cultureprint.

Autora portuguesa lança livro “O Barulho do Tempo” na Casa das Rosas, em São Paulo, 15/10/2013