Bairro dos Livros | The Face of Porto
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The Face of Porto

Art Installations, Clients, Communication, Events and Cultural Entertainment, Livraria Lello, Portfolio, Press Agency
About This Project

Site-specific art installation created by Bairro dos Livros (Catarina Rocha e Minês Castanheira) and the sculptor Ester Monteiro for Livraria Lello, based on 400 clay busts of personalities from Porto and anonymous citizens, which purpose is to celebrate the city through the people that make its fabric authentic. The three-dimensional portraits were created live, in the presence of those being portrayed, on various locations of the city. The press agency and communication of the art piece were entrusted to Bairro dos Livros.

The art work was inaugurated at the 13th of January of 2018, in Livraria Lello, where it must remain for a period of 6 months.

Technical Specifications:
Authors: Catarina Rocha and Minês Castanheira (Bairro dos Livros), and Ester Monteiro
Material: 400 busts and 2.000 books

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Público, 07/01/2018:
RTP, Portugal em Directo, 09/01/2018:
SIC, 13/01/2018:
TSF, 13/01/2018:
Jornal de Notícias 10/01/2018: