Bairro dos Livros | MEXE – Art and Community’s International Meeting
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MEXE – Art and Community’s International Meeting

Clients, Communication, Pele/Mexe, Portfolio, Social Media Management
art, community, community art, eirpac, porto
About This Project

Bairro dos Livros is responsible for the communication of MEXE, namely the press agency and social media management since its first edition, in 2011. The most recent IV edition of MEXE – Art and Community’s International Meeting took place from the 18th through the 24th of September of 2017. MEXE has already three past editions under its belt, which promoted over 99 initiatives with the participation of over 1.000 people (community groups, artists, thinkers, investigators, and both national and international coaches). These participants came from 18 Portuguese cities and 22 countries and took over different ‘stages’ in the city of Porto, between 2011 and 2015.

PELE – Social and Cultural Place for Contact, the promoting entity of MEXE, is an artistic structure from Porto, created in 2007, that, since its genesis, bets on the affirmation of art as a privileged space for dialogue and collective creation, seeking for a balance between ethics and aesthetics. The structure works on a continuous research, focusing on the interaction between artistic creation and civic and political participation. Learn more in

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