Bairro dos Livros | Livraria Lello’s Conferences “A City can be a heart. A fist”
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Livraria Lello’s Conferences “A City can be a heart. A fist”

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About This Project

At the beginning of 2017, Livraria Lello promoted a series of debates titled A City Can be a Heart. A Fist – Livraria Lello’s Conferences, that aimed to explore the potential of culture as a boost for development and tourism as an influencer for promoting the local community. The verse that provides the framework for these conferences belongs to the exquisite poem by Albano Martins about the city – a poet from the 50’s, that just in 2017 launched his most recent work in this same bookshop.

These series of public conferences constitute a part of the involvement of Livraria Lello in the enrichment of thought about the city of Porto and was produced by Bairro dos Livros.

After debating what makes the character of Porto so unique in the first Conference under the topic “What’s the point in Porto”, and a second Conference dedicated to discussing “Livraria Lello as Babel”, the cycle of conferences ended with the following question: “What paths for Porto?”. In these three sessions, which filled the Livraria Lello’s showroom, in its space at the Armazéns do Castelo, many were the personalities, from all range of fields of expertise, that lent their voice to the debate.

The image of the event was designed by Estúdio Dobra. The event had the partnership of the CMP, through Porto Lazer, as well as Porto Canal and Jornal de Notícias.

Conference I: What’s the point in Porto? – 27th of January, Armazéns do Castelo
Moderated by Luís Pedro Martins
Panel: Álvaro Domingues; Cristina de Azevedo; Eduardo Aires; Manuel Aranha; Aleix Garau Montané; Daniela Alves Ribeiro; José Alberto Rio Fernandes.

Conference II – Livraria Lello as Babel – 24th of February of 2017
Moderated by David Pontes
Main intervenients: Celeste Afonso; Isabel Pires de Lima; Lois Wolffe; Shakespeare & Co.; Vineet Lal.

Conference III – What paths for Porto? – 24th of March of 2017
Moderated by Fátima São Simão
Main intervenients: Álvaro Covões; Carlos Brito; Clara Gonçalves; David Parrish; Dieter Hardt-Stremayr; Nuno Correia


JN, 20/02/2017
JPN, 27/02/2017