Bairro dos Livros | Letras de Luz
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Letras de Luz

Art Installations, Clients, Events and Cultural Entertainment, Lionesa, Portfolio
christmas, foodbank, Lionesa
About This Project

December of 2014 began with a bright artistic installation, built from 1.000 books, that drew up a symbolic course of readings in Lionesas’ space, in Matosinhos. The raw material – over 1.000 volumes – arises from the support of the Food Bank to Bairro dos Livros. The initiative, that opened in the 6th of December, was promoted by Lionesa. The act marked the passage of Bairro dos Livros through the business center, having the opening happened in the 6th of December, during the edition of the Day without VAT at the Mercado Lionesa. Admission was free.

Technical Specifications:
Design and Production: Bairro dos Livros
Promotor: Lionesa