Bairro dos Livros | FuturePlaces Medialab Communication
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FuturePlaces Medialab Communication

Clients, Communication, Graphic Production, Portfolio, Press Agency, Social Media Management, U. Porto
cidadania, future places, futureplaces, media, medialab, up, utaustinportugal
About This Project

Bairro dos Livros has been responsible for the FUTUREPLACES’ communication, press agency, social media management and graphic production for 7 editions now, since 2011.

Curated by Heitor Alvelos, FUTUREPLACES has been addressing the dynamics between new media and the socio-cultural fabric since 2008. A multitude of workshops, projects, talks, creative events and think-tanks has woven itself onto a wide network of local and international resonance. An initiative of the UTAustin-Portugal Program in Digital Media. All free, all welcome. Learn more in

#futureplaces #medialab #porto

#futureplaces #medialab #porto