Bairro dos Livros | Flying Books
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Flying Books

Art Installations, Clients, CMP/Porto, Events and Cultural Entertainment, Portfolio
christmas, CMP, flores street, porto
About This Project

The books have flown out the shelves and joined the ranks of stars to hover over downtown Porto. The last edition of 2014’s Bairro dos Livros took place in the 13th of December of 2014, in open-air, among illuminated books in the balconies and lampposts in the historical part of town, between Flores Street and São Domingos Square. The art installation, by Bairro dos Livros, with the support of Porto’s City Hall, through Porto Lazer, used the book has an artistic object, intervened with lighting, to unite the facades and balconies of the buildings. The act was part of the city’s Christmas decorations in 2014.

#livrosvoadores #zonahistoricadoporto #porto #ruadasflores

Technical Specifications:
Design and Production: Bairro dos Livros
Promotor: Porto Lazer/ CMP

Observador, 11/12/2014:

Os Livros Voadores do Bairro dos Livros