Bairro dos Livros | Clean Plate Club Entertainment Project
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Clean Plate Club Entertainment Project

Cultural Programming and Management of spaces and projects, Events and Cultural Entertainment, Gertal, Graphic Design, Graphic Production, Portfolio
About This Project

Since 2015, at the hand of Bairro dos Livros, mealtime at Gertal canteens became a true party, designed to remind us of the pleasure of Eating healthy, and that all the Arts can cross paths with Food. Through a set of theatrical, performative, dancing and literary activities, as well as other acts of entertainment, which take place in different commemorative days, Gertal canteens come to life in special moments and Culture is served at the table. The purpose of these activities is to surprise Gertal’s clients and to continuously create memorable experiences.

Within the array of activities designed for Gertal, in a cafeteria-type space or even a municipal auditorium, Bairro dos Livros has also created a series of recyclable Wipes with original designs intended to communicate the concept and initiatives to the young audience.

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#gertal #clubedoprato #cantinasgertal #contadoresdehistorias

#gertal #clubedoprato #cantinasgertal #contadoresdehistorias