Bairro dos Livros | Five O’Clock Tea at Museu da Chapelaria
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Five O’Clock Tea at Museu da Chapelaria

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alice, hatter, mad hatter, s. j. da madeira
About This Project

For centuries tea has been served with circumstance in a ritual that promises to turn any evening into a social moment, with many delicious tastes to the mix. In the Museu da Chapelaria it’s always five o’clock, and, therefore it’s always time for tea.
Bairro dos Livros prepared for Museu de Chapelaria a lush and dreamy event with the presence of characters well known to all. The young and curious Alice and the Mad Hatter invited the visitors to an afternoon spent in a frenzy and joy, where they discovered the history of the hat in São João da Madeira and the artisans who dedicated their lives to their creation.
They are coming back in July for the Hat Weekend!

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