Bairro dos Livros | Amarante’s Mini Book Festival
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Amarante’s Mini Book Festival

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About This Project

It’s a first out of doors adventure for Bairro dos Livros with a festival in the land of Agustina and Teixeira de Pascoaes. Amarante’s Book Mini-Festival took place at the Maria Amélia Laranjeira Cultural Centre, between the 12th and the 15th of December of 2013.

Marlene Pereira and Alexandra Novo: Radio Workshop by the Educational Service of Rádio Manobras
Rádio Manobras creates formative actions and workshops for children and young people in which the radio plays a formative and playful role. From the use of available technological means to narrative techniques or sound collection, the Educational Project by Rádio Manobras is organized in workshops of medium-duration, destined to regularly work with groups of young people, and in intense, time-focused workshops, where sound experiments, and games with sounds and narrative processes are used in a playful way, by stimulating participants’ communication and imagination.

Ivo Cruz: Cardboard Suitcases Construction Workshop
Under the guidance of the plastic artist Ivo Cruz, the Cardboard Suitcases Construction Workshop by the EU AMO CARTÃO (I LOVE CARDBOARD) Project makes known a new world, through the noble material that is cardboard. Let’s build a cardboard suitcase to store your books, toys or other treasures.

Saphir Cristal: Rags with Stories
A storyteller, a trunk full of dreams and music, stories and pampering made of the tastiest pieces of crunchy moon.

Thomas Bakk: Storytime
Stories for children and adults, parents and kids, brothers and friends, grandparents and grandchildren, uncles and nephews, with music, laughter, tenderness and a whole lot of soul from the writer and storyteller Thomas Bakk.

Francisco Mota: Puppet Show
Francisco Mota, one of the few researchers and promoter of an art that still travels through an oral tradition, offers a fun afternoon of traditional Portuguese puppetry for kids and grownups, the Teatro de Robertos.