Bairro dos Livros | ABOUT US
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We communicate Culture.


.bairro dos livros.

Bairro dos Livros consists on a team that is professional, dynamic and passionate about the cultural sector, that works on integrated solutions involving Cultural Events and Communication for companies and institutions from various sectors.

For seven years on the market, we are today a brand synonymous with creative projects of great success and notoriety, firmly entrenched in the cultural and business fabric of the city and country.

Our journey is marked by Book Publishing and Artistic Programming, which stems from a strong connection to the network of Porto’s own bookshops and booksellers, for which we have developed entertainment and planned paths that shone a light on this great heritage.

On the day Bairro dos Livros was born, history was made, as well as many newspaper articles. Seven years later, we still use the Book, the Arts and Culture to tell Stories.



Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices. Postgraduate in Artistic Management. Bachelor in Plastic Arts.

Catarina Rocha

Creative Management / Art. Design. Production.

Master in Comparative Literature (attendance). Postgraduate in Cultural Management and Communication. Bachelor in Journalism and Communication Sciences.

Minês Castanheira

Creative Management / Arts and Humanities. Communication. Editing.

Master in Comparative Literature. Bachelor in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies.

Paulo Brás

Production. Editing. Social Media.

Master in Editorial Studies (attendance). Bachelor in Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Isabel Costa

Production and editorial assistant

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